Today I am just feeling kind of out of it. I left work feeling okay, but I’m starting to wonder how much longer I’m going to stay at my newest job. I love the garden and it’s nice to have work every week, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever move up and seems to me that they keep adding more security and giving them more of the stuff we’re suppose to do. Kind of hard to see a long term job there when it feels like some people love having us and others don’t. I get along with everyone and I cannot believe how friendly everyone is, just not sure where else I could go in the garden. Education has been my primary employment, but I lack the schooling and knowledge a lot of educators have. Not sure why, but the last few days I have been thinking about going back to school for my masters in education… not sure what else I can do.  

Got a new Full-Time Job

So I was just given the green light and I will be working as a park ranger at the local botanical gardens. It just so happens to be located right nextdoor to my current job. This is a position I have been trying to get at the zoo and with the state parks, but have no luck or only recently had them interested in me. This one is full-time with what I am told is good benefits and all. I’m excited for this one because I’m really hoping this one works out unlike the aquarium and the tour company. I do have a degree in criminal justice and I have been trying to get something related to my degrees I just got. So starting wednesday I will be a full time worker at a place I am sure I will love. 

I’m having a hard time trying to decide what I should be focusing on when it comes to my future career. As you may know I love history and I’m pretty much off the history teacher route. Might look into it again, but right now I don’t think I can handle teaching in a classroom. I was talking to my co-workers who’s like me has a history background, but due to the lack of history sites and museums willing to have an actual staff we’re at the zoo. She mentioned to me that for some people the only chance they get experience for public history management jobs is to either get a degree in museum studies or public history. I would like to do that, but the public history degree here still required a lot of research and writing, which I’m not sure I want to do. Another option is volunteering, which again here holds no benefit other than to show you put in time without getting paid. Then there’s an option I never thought about getting a degree in nonprofit leadership and management. I looked it over at ASU’s website and it sounds like what I could use to get some experience that I am needing. Would possibly help me with some of the jobs I’ve had to just ignore because I don’t have any management experience. 

There’s a history education manager job in a city up North that is what I would love to do, but they want someone with 3 years of management experience and I have zero. Yes, I could lie people do that, but there’s no way I can pretend on have that. I think I will just apply and see what happens. 

I also still have an interest in criminal justice. Not sure what I would do, but I still find it interesting and at times that training I gain from my minor comes into play and has shaped some of my choices on how I conduct myself and so on. I may see if my brother’s security company is hiring to get that experience, but who know if they’ll hire me. I had trouble getting an internship a while ago and I keep thinking that no one in the criminal justice field will hire me since I never get those jobs. 

I did find a paid internship with a museum out here. Not a history one, but they have one for their volunteer department and it seems like something that would help me get some museum experience and management as well. Could also help me see if management is something I want or if I can get some kind of education degree that would help with an educator job at a history museum. 


Slow Lane

I have a lot of free time on my hands since I have no work until camps pick back up. I did apply for a few positions at work, one is a full time conservation tech job and the other is the assistant to my boss. I would love that one instead, but it’s still part time. I wish they would make it full-time since the position has a lot to do and I don’t know how it’s done with only 28 hours a week. Probably why my boss never goes home. 

So while I get my son ready for preschool I have time to read. I finished the fiction book I have been reading and nearing the end of my substitute teaching book to help me whenever I have the money to get my certificate. While I am doing that I will start to re-read the hunger games trilogy since Catching Fire is coming to theaters soon and I want to have it fresh in my mind if I ever go to see it. I feel like I miss a lot of the references people make to the trailer and what not since it’s been a two years since I read the books. 

This has sparked my interests back into teaching English. I’ve found a site called where teacher will share their lesson plans, class room decor, activities and what not to others. Some of the stuff is free others cost money. I’ve been seeing a lot of hunger game lessons which is exciting and a few other YA distopian books that I have read that would be fun to teach. My only issue is how many parents really want their kids learning and reading these kinds of books in school? I did find someone had permission and parent letters about the book that I’m curious to look over to see what they say. I think a whole lesson on dystpoian books is a great idea. But I’m bias since that’s my favorite genre to read. 

Week two of running

So I did well my first week of training. Not 100% satisfied with myself this last week. I did all the workouts except the long run. I was suppose to do 6 miles and I only got 3.3 miles in. I was not feeling it and it was a huge struggle for me. So I hope that I do better especially with having to run 5 miles tomorrow. I also need to change where I run because I just cannot run near my house with all the dogs that are allowed to go wherever they want. I’m afraid of being attack. I almost was a few months ago and ever since I almost stop in fear when I hear a dog barking. Silly as it sounds I rather run across a coyote than a dog. Difference in demeanor and I know that the coyote will stop to look, but then run off. A dog will challenge and attack if they decide to. 

I do have some trails, which will make running a little challenging, but I think I feel safer than around my property. It’s about 2 miles from my house so I could run to them and then continue back home. I think the likely hood of dogs on the main road to the trail head is slim, but it’s still a possibility. 

Also, while we’re talking about running today was the first ever Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Dublin. Yes, I would have loved to be there and run it. Not ready and obviously don’t have the money for it, but still would be fun to go back to Ireland and run one of my favorite cities. 

Speaking of money I need to find way to save for Vegas and my entry into the race since between now and November I won’t be working much unless I find a second job. I’ve had no luck so far and I want to do this race and enjoy Vegas since it’s near my birthday and that is the whole point of this. To do a half marathon before my 30th birthday. 


I did not get the job at work. While having a full time job would be nice I know it’s for the better. I want and need more experience with writing and developing curriculum. My son also starts preschool in a few weeks and this way I can make sure I’m available for him and take him to and from school.

In seeing what his teacher and the others do in his evaluations I am rethinking which area of teaching I’d want to do when I decide to go for my masters in teaching. I’m leaning away from high school for several reasons. 1) in working with our teen volunteers I realize my reaction to their behavior is not proactive. Yes teaching history would be great but I’m so use to teaching younger kids who actually want to learn. 2) I’m a little worried by picking secondary and English or history that I will have trouble finding a job. I’ve seen little for secondary humanities or social science teacher.

I got my fingerprint card and once I have the money ill put in for my transcripts and my application for my substitute teaching cert. I think for. That it will help me decide what I want to do. I think in a semester or two ill apply for my teaching degree. I also saw something for a reading specialist which I’ve seen a lot of postings for job openings. It sounds interesting and something I could do.

Half Marathon Training

I’m not sure if I mentioned this here, but for my 30th birthday which is November 29th I want to run a half marathon. Yes, I’ve ran one 5k mud run and one 4k, but I feel with the right training and hard work it’s doable. I plan on running the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Las Vegas on November 17th. 

I picked this race because 1) I LOVE Vegas, we got a few times a year once in the fall/summer and once in the spring. 2) I’m turning 30 what better place and thing to do and 3) Something I can randomly strike into a conversation. The other reasons are that I’m told for new half marathoner and marathoners the rock and roll series races are a good race to do, and it’s at night on the strip. I think there’s no better place, other than some awesome trail for a race. 

For training I am doing the Train Like a Mother half marathon finish plan. The first week plan has two rest or crosstrain days, one ez 3 miles with 4 strides, ez 4-5, 3-4 miles of 10 min warm up 6 strides 10 min cool down, and Long run of 6 miles. I have to say the 4-5 miles scare me. I’ve only ran 3 miles without stopping and today’s run I wasn’t able to keep running. I know it will take some time to build up my miles and I haven’t ran since may. I’ve been active just not running. 

This is partly why I haven’t registered for the race, the other is money because these races are expensive compared to my other races. So my plan is to stick to this training and if the long runs go decent I will save the money for it while I train and if I feel comfortable I will register. I know I will do it since we don’t have a vegas trip planned until this spring and well like I said I want to do this before my birthday. 

If you want to see my ranting about my runs, then check out my running blog yeah shouldn’t be surprised by that title. I also have the twitter, which I rarely use @outrunzombies. So use those to keep track of me. 

Wish me luck! If anyone else is doing this race let me know as well as costume ideas. I’m thinking Elvis, but I’m open to other ideas.